4 Reasons Why You Should Visit Brussels

Top Things to Do in Brussels!

Millions of tourists from all around the globe travel to Brussels every year. There’s so much to unveil in this city. Here’s a list of tourist attractions of Brussels, given below.

Spectacular Landmarks

Brussels never ceases to amaze. It constitutes everyone’s piece of interest. It doesn’t matter if you’re a history buff, foodaholic, gearhead, headbanger, fashionista, or a hodophile.

  • Atomium
  • Grand Place
  • Nemo 33
  • Manneken Pis
  • Mini-Europe

Hidden Treasures

Did you think Brussels is all about Belgian beer, chocolate, and Manneken Pis? Fortunately, your assumption is wrong. Brussels has a handful of thrilling off-beaten paths other than its mainstream attractions.

  • Comic Strip Art
  • Brussels City Museum
  • Egmont Park
  • Museum of Costume and Lace
  • Royal Greenhouses in Laeken


Umm, Foodaholics? Did we just pique your interest? If yes, then you need to be more than happy. Why? Because Brussels excels in this(catering) area too.

  • Alexandre
  • Kaafabar
  • Peck 47
  • OR Espresso Bar
  • BonBon


“What happens in Brussels, stays in Brussels. ”

  • The Music Village
  • La Tentation
  • Royale Theater Toones
  • Fuse
  • Delirium

Final Verdict

We’ve done our part and crafted down the whole city for you. Now, you just have to cooperate and fulfill your dreams. You need to pack your bags asap. Haha! Still, thinking?



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